2020 Camp Argo

In this week-long summer camp, participants aged 11 to 16 will learn the basic technical aspects of rowing. They will be given both on-land training using rowing machines and on-water experience in crews of four or eight. They will learn basic rowing terms and the importance of crew rowing. More advanced rowers will be able to fine-tune their technique.

You do not need to be a member of the club to participate in Camp Argo.

Safety: Camp participants will be supervised by both an experienced coach in the rowing boat and by a qualified coach in a fully-equipped motorized coach boat, including life jackets and other safety equipment. All coaches have proper police background checks.

Benefits: The Camp Argo experience builds self-confidence, develops skills, and creates new friendships. This camp offers a unique experience for trying a new sport in a supportive environment all while spending days on the water.

Eligibility: Ages 11 to 16

More Information: Please contact campargo@argonautrowingclub.com